8Ball & MJG is a group that represents the beginning of Crunk Rap. Getting there humble beginning from underground credibility the rap due would go on to become mainstream with this new form of artistry. Releasing and having success with many projects the group landed top spots on creditable music charts. Some of these charts included landing in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 200 chart with the hit, “On top of the World”. Other creditable works the group has done includes: “Comin’ Out Hard”, “Southern Rap,” “Outside looking In,” “In Our Lifetime,” and “Space Age 4 Eva”. In addition to all the success they group had as a duo, both memebers also released solo projects titled: “Lost” by 8Ball and “No More Glory” by MJG. 8 Ball & MJG is a stellar talent that is known for making every event a positive and memorable experience for everyone. Classie Entertainment Agency (CEA) is now booking 8 Ball & MJG and assisting you in creating memorable events. CEA is pleased to book talent of all calibers for a variety of styles, clientele and engagements.  
​8 Ball and MJG booking agent is Shauna C. 404-462-4592 of Classie Entertainment Agency located directly in Atlanta, GA 

Atlanta’s best talent booking agency for yesterday’s and today’s biggest entertainment stars. Booking talent directly with Classie Entertainment Agency (CEA) is a superior choice, especially when it comes to booking 8 Ball & MJG and any other talent on our roster. CEA is based in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in Saint Petersburg and Tampa, Florida as well as servicing events and clients across the entire US, Canada and Internationally. Being the leading southern entertainment booking agency, we take pride in upholding our reputation and delivering on time every time for all our clients. CEA is international and books for all talent worldwide. We are easily accessible and continue to book all of your favorite southern and none southern talents. Classie Entertainment Agency (CEA) has a strong reputation for being the best in what we do, that’s booking talent and event planning. Booking 8 Ball & MJG and any other talent can be a nail-biting experience for anyone. Here at CEA we take that anxiety and make it nonexistent. This is true because we take care of the total booking process from beginning to end when it comes to booking 8 Ball & MJG. 

Our talent booking team is professional and prompt with all serious booking inquiries for talent and entertainer 8 Ball & MJG if you’re seriously looking to book 8 Ball & MJG for your next engagement simply fill out the booking request form. This will allow us to start the booking process and respond to your inquiry. 

How to book 8 Ball & MJG for an engagement? Booking 8 Ball & MJG for an engagement is made possible through Classie Entertainment Agency (CEA). We welcome managers, booking agents, promoters, corporations, education institutes, cruise lines, first time buyers and more to book 8 Ball & MJG follow the following steps and we will start the booking process for booking 8 Ball & MJG.  8 Ball and MJG are available for international show performances and appearance bookings.  To Book 8 Ball and MJG for international shows outside of America contact their booking agent Shauna C. 404-462-4592 at Classie Entertainment Agency. 

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