ZERO DRINKING - During events bartenders are to serve guest.  At no time is it acceptable for any team member to consume alcoholic beverages. 

CELL PHONES - No cell phone usage.  Please put cell phones away during client events.  If in the "rare case", of an emergency please smoothly and quickly

                               step away from the bar to complete call.  


Profanity | Language -  Please remember you are there to serve the clients and guest.  Please remain professional at all times. 

Over Serving - DO NOT OVER SERVE GUEST.  Please do not risk your license for "anyone".  If a guest is intoxicated/

                            unable to function, by law, you must NOT continue serving them.  Bartenders can be held accountable by                                  law when knowingly over serving patrons.  In this rare situation, please alert your contact on arrival or host                                urgently.  

SITTING-  Sitting on the job is not permitted.  If the bar is not busy please make sure the area is clean, trash is removed from the bar and surrounding areas. 

                    Ask if the host needs assistance with anything else.  

Arrival Text- Upon arrival please text your agent (see below).  This is also used to log pay (CLOCK IN)  

Clear Photo- Please email fun photo of yourself at each event (see below) 

Drink Knowledge - Before every assignment, please brush up on:  1) How to Make basic cocktails  (ex: old fashion, how to create signature drinks)                                                                                                                          2) How to tap a keg 

                                                                                                                  3) How to use a jigger | 3 count pour | appropriate liquor ounces per drink. 

Additional Event Offers- Please have client contact our office to book additional assignment dates. (see below) 

                   ** Our team members are NOT invited guest at the event.  Our job is to make sure guest are having a good, safe time. **   


(TIME YOU SHOULD ARRIVE TO EVENT)   EX: 4pm (5pm -9pm)    (bartender arrival time in this example is 4pm LOCAL TIME)


Can be found in the notes section or maps section of the assignment.  Where you are to arrive for event assignment. 


Name of bartender assigned to work the event 

Contact On Arrival: 

The person to contact on arrival to receive instructions


We have two types of attire.  Formal or Casual 

CASUAL - Black button down dress shirt, Black Slacks, Black closed toe shoes, Hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun.  If worn, make up should be natural.  

FORMAL - White button down, Black Tie (long tie or bow tie is acceptable) {during the holiday season festive ties are acceptable}, Black Slacks, Black 

                     closed toe shoes, Hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun.  If make up is worn it must be very natural.  

 *Short hair - Can be neatly worn down.

 * Jewelry - Should be kept to a minimum of one ring per hand, one bracelet, one necklace, one set of earrings.   

 * Tattoos - Should be covered or small enough to not be noticed.       

Balance Due On Arrival:

$0 + No Tip Jar Out - ( No Tip Jar Out - This is an assignment that only allows discrete tipping.  No tip jar should be placed out.) 

$40 + $75 Tip Minimum - ($40 cash balance is paid on arrival.  Tip jar must meet or exceed $75 in tips OR collect balance from host)

$0 + $75 Tip Minimum - ( $0 balance due on arrival.  Pay is direct deposit from agency.  Tip Jar must meet or exceed $75 in tips OR collect balance from host) 

On Call Agent:

404-462-4592 -  In the rare event that you need assistance while on an active assignment, contact the on call agent.  

* All additional event offers must go through Please do not violate this policy.


Please deliver 5 Star service to clients and client guest.  Ask clients to rate you a 5 star bartender.  The agency will receive your rating from each client.  Please remember client ratings control next assignments.  

* 24 Hour Confirmation:

On assignment day you will receive confirmation of your assignment communication.  Please respond quickly, to keep your assignment.  No responses will be replaced and marked as no shows.   No shows violate our "1 shot policy".   

*Arrival Text; 

Please send ("Arrived" | Name, City & State)- Call Or Text (404-907-3137) - on arrival to any assignment you must log in, by texting (arrived, name, city, state).  This is required to be logged for assignment.                                                                                 

Please send "Fun, Action, CREATIVE" Clear Photo of Bartender to:  (Take the picture prior to the event starting.  Send the photo within 24 hours of your event conclusion to the email.  You will receive an event conclusion survey report.  It is very important to complete this report after each event. 

Tip Jar, Cork Screw, Bottle Opener:

Bring this with you on every assignment.  If you need one please contact the agency 2 weeks prior to 

assignment and we will mail you a TeamClassie cork screw/bottle opener.  Tip jars are typically clear containers.  It is advised to place singles in your tip jar

initially so clients notice the jar. 

Event Conclusion:

Please make sure to clean up the bar area prior to leaving.  Stack over stock items neatly to be removed.  Clean any liquid on bar prior to leaving. 

* Tidy up Bar area
* Please stack trash from bar area


Payments are every Tuesday and Friday, seven days from event date excluding holidays and weekends. 

Next Assignment: 

Next assignments are sent out via email or text.  Please watch for those and affirm working assignments as received.  


                                "Team Classie"  Bartender  Event Notes             404-462-4592