Clients enjoy a worry free experience while we find the perfect staff. 


Brand Ambassadors  
The brand ambassadors are educated, personable, stunning, experienced and specifically trained on brand awareness, data collection and how to generate leads for the client.  Each brand ambassador spends time studying and being training on the specific details of every aspect of the promotion. Brand ambassadors can assist with in depth information about any specifics of client promotions. 

Promotional Marketing
​​​Personable and highly experienced.  These well-spoken ladies and gentleman assist with greeting guest, distributing promotional marketing materials, customer data collection and live surveys.  All promotional marketing teams can be trained in specific product demonstrations.  This includes sales training sessions.   

Product Demonstration   

Retail and in-store demonstrators learn client products to deliver clear speaking points to live audiences. 

Convention and Trade Show Staff
First impressions are lasting impressions during a convention or trade show.  Attendees only have seconds to grab the attention of potential customers walking by.  Trade show staff understands this and focus on immediately grabbing the attention of convention attendees.  This training provided by Classie Entertainment Agency allows more customers exposure to the brand being represented.  Yes, training is provided to convention and trade show staff.  Trade show teams are very easy on the eyes, but well-spoken, outgoing and produce sales results.      

 Alcohol promotion
21 & over please !!  Team Classie, Alcohol promotional teams are ABC licensed and real world experienced bartenders.  Selected talent is consistently professional, approachable and outgoing to drive immediate and future customer loyalty for the brand. 

Film extras | Crowd fillers  
Movie extras, audience fillers, crowd fillers .  

               EVENT staffing

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