Ja Rule                                                   

Contact Classie Entertainment Agency 404-462-4592 to book Ja Rule for international, Corporate, public or private show bookings and appearances.  This singer/rapper/actor hit the scenes and took the hip hop world by storm.  Born in Queens, NY he made hit after hit and then created artist that followed his platform.  Some hits Ja Rule is well known for include: "Between Me and You", "Always on Time", "Mesmerize", “I'm Real”, “Ain't It Funny” and more.  Can’t mention Ja Rule and not Ashanti.  Many of the hits made by Ja Rule on the label Murder Inc were in special appearance by Ashanti.  Today Ja Rule continues to enjoy life, making more hits, traveling for shows around the world and giving back to his community.       

Contact us to book Ja Rule for all special events including:  International Shows, Corporate, International Events, Event Appearances, Private Events, College fairs, My Super Sweet 16 Party.

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